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Office Tour

When you visit our office, you’ll enjoy the experience of our new, comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities. Our examination and operatory rooms feature some of the latest technology available to dentists and periodontists. We use electronic records to ensure that all of your information is available at our fingertips during your treatments, and we offer you the ability to listen to the music of your choice during your visit or listen to some of the relaxing songs we have available.

Sensitive to the fact that many patients feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist, Dr. Elbaz has incorporated many comforts in his brand new office.  Patients can enjoy aromatherapy, freshly baked cookies, coffee or tea, and a beverage bar. The office not only offers patients a warm, comfortable and friendly environment, it also utilizes the best technology has to offer for better patient care and experience.

All of our operatories are equipped with comfortable, brand new, massage dental chairs that massage the upper back during treatment.  For longer procedures, you may elect to watch a movie on our LCD screens, which offer adjustable tilt and height for more comfortable viewing.  

The water that is used is sterilized water, and not city tap water. Research has shown that normal city water, which is not sterilized, can introduce bacteria into the oral environment that can delay healing or cause secondary infections. Come and visit our innovative sterilization center.  Again, Dr. Elbaz’s patients’ dental and periodontal health is his primary concern.

Visiting the dentist should not be a time-consuming or anxiety-inducing experience, so our examination rooms are equipped with the latest in digital radiography. Digital radiography allows us to take x-rays quickly and with a smaller waiting period for results, meaning you’ll have less exposure during your visit as well as less time sitting and waiting for the results. Dr. Elbaz can review your results immediately and in greater detail than ever before.