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When I lost one of my two front teeth in a trampoline accident last year, I was terrified I would never be able to smile with confidence again. Immediately upon meeting Dr. Elbaz, my fears were eased as I was assured the end result would be beyond satisfactory. Throughout the entire year, I was greeted with nothing short of a friendly and professional staff. Dr. Elbaz is one of the most humble I have met in his profession, and his kindness seems endless. I feel immensely fortunate to have found not only a brilliant doctor, but a genuinely wonderful individual as well. Thank you, Dr. Elbaz, for giving me back my smile!

– Jamie B

After seeing perfect reviews on yelp, I felt confident that I would be happy with Dr Elbaz for my teeth cleaning and a question about a chipped tooth. Somehow he managed to exceed my high expectations. The whole process was flawless. Peaceful music when I walked in, everyone working there was very friendly, and most importantly, I felt like I became an expert on my teeth after the thorough explanations Dr Elbaz gave me on how to take care of them. Usually I have to ask questions before dentists give me valuable information I should know. Not in this case. Dr Elbaz mentioned many things I would not even know to ask about. I have had multiple dentists and he is far and away the best.

It is a 20 minute drive for me, but there is no way I am seeing anyone else. I highly recommend him!!!! I give him 6 out of 5 stars.

-Tal S.

I have been going to Dr. Elbaz for over 15 years since around 1998. My mother has gone to him for 20 years. My father and brother have been going to him for a comparable period.

We all love Dr. Elbaz because he is the absolute best in his field.  He also treats you with utmost respect and truly cares for patients. I know most people dwell on going to the dentist.  However, I look forward to going. The office is beautiful and with serene music playing in the background to calm your nerves. Office staff are the friendliest people in Beverly Hills.

Every six months, I go for a cleaning.  Annie, my preferred hygienist who works at the office , also has a great attitude about cleaning your teeth meticulously and makes the experience actually quite enjoyable with great conversation sometimes.   I always get  a great feeling when Dr. Elbaz says my teeth and gums look good.

Recently, I had gum grafting performed by Dr. Elbaz. The procedure was flawlessly executed helping to save my tooth from eventually falling out.  In fact, one cannot discern any difference where the work was performed with the rest of the mouth. If I ever require assistance with my teeth or gums, Dr. Elbaz will always be my first go to expert to ensure absolute highest quality advice and work.

-Daniel G.

Dr. Elbaz was vetted by our dentist.  My son had a difficult problem, which required multiple gum surgeries.  My son’s glowing  support of Dr Elbaz, during  rather painful and unpleasant procedures, plus the final outcome–were all astonishing! The Doctor and his staff were so impressive, that when I needed minor dental surgery I switched to Dr. Elbaz.  He’s that good!


Dr. Elbaz not only did an aesthetically beautiful job-he did it with lots of TLC.
I knew I needed major work which included an implant or implants on my bottom front teeth.  I went to six consults.  Several wanted to take out two teeth and others were talking about even more extensive work.
Dr. Elbaz took a more conservative approach-removing just one of my teeth and having both a tissue and bone graft.
I am very pleased with his bedside manner.  His office is very upscale and has a calm almost zen enviornment.  The front office staff are warm and welcoming.  The dentist honestly cares about me.  He has a professional but warm approach.  I couldn’t be happier.  I believe in his ability to make the right plan with me while making sure he can save the integrity of the rest of my teeth. Check him out- you will feel that you met the dentist you trust and is capable of giving you the best smile!!!!!

-Stephanie S.

I first saw Dr Elbaz 4 months ago, I was referred to him by Dr Gonzalez after having had a horrendous experience at the hands of a third dentist that left me with a very serious problem.  I was left with a gapping hole in my front teeth. Over the last 4 months he has slowly and with great compassion worked to correct the damage done to my mouth. I now have more gum than what I started with.
I am at the stage now that I can have my implant done, and only after one surgery he has made this possible.   I am amazed at his ability in periodontal specialty ….. truly beautiful work.

-Leigh G.

Absolutely wonderful oral surgeon.  I felt completely cared for through the entire process of having my implant done.  I can’t imagine better service and care.  His office staff is also exceptional.  From the minute you walk into his office you feel a sense of peace and calm.  How is that even possible?  I mean, he’s a dentist after all!  But he really does succeed at creating a peaceful and calming experience from start to finish.  A perfect experience from beginning to end.

-Lisa S.

I wish I could give Dr. Elbaz more stars.

I have been using Yelp for years, and occasionally wanted to sign up to add a review myself, but it’s Dr. Elbaz’s excellent service, care, and kindness (along with his sweet team) that finally made me write my first review!

I found Dr. Elbaz on Yelp when I was looking for a second opinion regarding gum surgery that I had needed for several months for gum recession on three teeth. Wasn’t in love with the periodontist my dentist rec’d, so found Dr. Elbaz on Yelp.

Immediately fell in love with his office, staff, and the care and compassion he puts into all of his work. They discounted my surgery price as my work benefits hadn’t kicked in, and kindly walked me through how the surgery would go. I have never had surgery in my life, but a very high standard and precedent has been set by Dr. Elbaz! I was so comfortable; watched a movie with wireless headphones while the surgery was performed, and never felt a thing! I was continually asked how I was doing, and they constantly ensured my comfort.

Since my painless, totally easy and comfortable procedure, I have had quite a few follow-up appointments. Dr. Elbaz and his associates kept in close after my procedure to make sure everything was going well, and all of my follow-up appointments – to ensure that everything goes perfectly and this never happens again, also that my mouth looks great – have been included in my initial surgery fee. Additionally, I got a thorough teeth cleaning following the surgery for that Pamela (the sweetest!) made sure was covered by my dental insurance.

The kindest doctor ever – I wish he specialized in more than gums!

-Christie B.

My friend and another patient of Dr. Elbaz referred me since I just moved out to that area. My current dentist had been doing rush jobs and I knew that I was due for a good cleaning. The dental hygienist was gentle yet thorough and explained everything to me. They even took my gum measurements to check for receding gums, no one has ever done that before. Dr. Elbaz was very nice and gentle. Usually when I go to dentists they try to pressure me for other services but I didn’t get any of that from Dr. Elbaz. I felt very comfortable there.
The receptionist is also the best! They checked to make sure that my insurance covered it before hand and were always so nice!
I highly recommend Dr. Elbaz!


Dr. Elbaz is an expert in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry.
I feel very fortunate to have known Dr. Elbaz for many years and to have chosen him as my Periodontist all these years.
He truly cares, is kind and very professional. His office is very pleasant and his staff is very competent.
I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a Periodontist because  I am confident  that they will be satisfied by the results..

-Jane M.

This is the first time I have written a review on yelp but I thought it was truly important that I share my experience with you regarding my peridontist Dr. Jean Jacques Elbaz.
After several failed tooth surgeries with what I thought were reputable dentists I was desperate to find a perodontist that would be both ethical and caring in his work and approach to my fears and apprehensions.  There really are no words that would do justice to the expertise and lovliness of Dr. Jean Jacques Elbaz. I have now completed two surgical procedures with Dr. Elbaz.  They were perfectly done, painless and brilliant in their approach and success. The deamoner of this doctor is both gentle and kind.  His ability to perform complicated and extensive procedures without anxiety or pain is remarkable. He is caring, calm and gracious.  Dr. Elbaz has managed to make your dental experience positive and easy.  From the time you enter the beautiful state of the art office of Dr. Elbaz  you experience a state of well being.  As over the top as this may sound, I have traveled all over the world for the best healthcare I could find and Dr. Elbaz is by far the best care I have encountered across the board.  You would be extremely fortunate to be in his care.

-Michelle B.

When was the last time a doctor called you at home to see how you were doing?

If you could combine the high ethics, concern for patients, impeccable manners and the graciousness of years past with the latest in technology, education and specialized training, you would have Dr. Elbaz.

I called him with a dental emergency on a weekend, having never seen him as a patient.  He immediately took my call and went right to work to help me.  His kindness is only matched by his skill, as though I unfortunately had to lose the troubling, infected tooth, he somehow pulled it with such extraordinary technique, I had no pain during or, more amazingly, after the procedure.  I didn’t need as much as an aspirin.

A talent like Dr. Elbaz’s makes most people egomaniacal.  I don’t know how he remains so grounded, but I do know he is a blessing.

-Becky & Natasha R.

Dr. Elbaz is a very intelligent, caring, and fantastic periodentist. He does a perfect job every time I step in for an appointment, and I wouldn’t switch him for any other professional. His rates are reasonable, and he does a better job than any other periodontist. Trust me, I’ve been to many, and I don’t have to search any more; I’ve found him to be the very best in his specialty.

-Jon E.

When my dentist told me I likely needed a gum graft on three receding gums, I was terrified.  I dreaded my appointment with Dr. Elbaz, but in retrospect, I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about.  When I went to my consultation, Dr. Elbaz thoroughly explained what the procedure would entail and made me feel extremely comfortable.  He is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever encountered.  The day of the grafting, I didn’t feel a thing!  He warned me that sometimes it hurts when the roof of the mouth is numbed, but I didn’t feel any pain!  He is extremely gentle and talks you through everything.  All of my follow up care has been wonderful, and I truly feel like he cares about me and the work he did on my gums.  The entire staff of his office is wonderful too.  I highly recommend anyone who needs this type of procedure to Dr. Elbaz.  I know a gum grafting procedure can be a nerve-wracking experience, but with Dr. Elbaz, there is nothing to worry about!

-Sarah K.

Dr. Elbaz is a highly regarded periodontist, but that didn’t carry much weight with this dental chicken! I was referred to him by my regular dentist Dr. Katz. I had a very bad tooth that had been on borrowed time for two years. One weekend last month, the time came to face the music: the tooth had to go. The pain was horrific and Dr. Katz put me on antibiotics for two weeks, during which time I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Elbaz. I was very nervous about the surgery, but all I can tell you is, Dr. Elbaz is a true master of his craft. He performed the extraction and bone grafting flawlessly, all of which is healing beautifully. I highly recommend him. He is warm, gentle and caring. You’ll also enjoy his charming, professional staff. It’s a convenient location in Beverly HIlls @ Wilshire and Beverly Drive. There’s FREE two hour parking across the street. Most importantly, you will be in the very best of hands.

-Joleen D.

This review is actually for my wife.  She went there to get a crown lengthening. and then figured out how much our dentist did wrong. but anyways. Dr. Elbaz was great! Highly recommended.

-Peter P.

Dr. Elbaz is the best periodontist in the city, without question. Prior to seeing him, I consulted with many different periodontists in the area, but I found that Dr. Elbaz was the best choice. His office is in a perfect location, the heart of Beverly Hills. He is extremely gentle and caring. I was very nervous about my implant surgery, but right when I stepped into his office, he made me feel very comfortable. My overall experience was impeccable. I highly recommend going to Dr. Elbaz!

-Jonathan B.

I was referred to Dr Elbaz from my dentist and was immediately impressed by his knowledge and skill.  Having had extensive dental work over the years, I have learned the difference between “how-hum” dental care and cutting edge work, Dr Elbaz is definitely cutting edge, gentle and very skilled in the work he performs, which in my case included a dental implant and gum surgery. If you need a periodontist, Dr Elbaz is the person to see.

-Owen S.

Dr. Elbaz is amazing. I needed quite a simple periodontal procedure done, and just needed a doctor who had a reasonable price, explained what needed to be done, and treated me with respect. I had seen several docs for consults and surprisingly none of them could deliver on these criteria.  One doc was using an archaic technique that would cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Another was exorbitant, and yet another was rude. Dr. Elbaz however was a breath of fresh air. He was patient and kind, his fees are reasonable and he explained in detail what needed to be done and what I could expect.  He has a very calm, friendly approach and seems to really care about his patients. His office staff is wonderful, accommodating and pleasant.  The results from the procedure are better than I could have hoped.  The gum graft isn’t even visible to me after it’s healed.  He is just the best.

-Min C.

As a person with challenging gums, I’ve been under Dr. Elbaz’ care for a lot of years. He saves my mouth.  And he is an angel.  No exaggeration.  All these reviews are the truth.  If all our medical professionals could be like this man, life would be heaven.  He truly cares about his patients, about our experience during his procedures, about the quality of his work.  Everyone who works for him is in the same mindset.  It’s one of the things in life I’m most grateful for, and anyone who has suffered at the hands of an oral care professional will understand.  To top it all off, he takes my insurance, the staff calls ahead to make sure I’m covered and approved, his rates are fair and his office is clean and beautiful. He plays whatever music you want to hear, gives you a big bag of samples as a parting gift, calls at home to follow up, you name it!  Do yourself a favor and make his acquaintance!

-Mary Jo T.

He is one of the kindest, gentlest, and most sincerely caring people I’ve ever met.  He is an excellent dentist and is incredibly professional, kind, and knowledgeable.  He knows the treatments well, and anyone in their right mind would love getting to know this man, and would even enjoy going to him for care.  He took away one of my most profound fears, which was going to the dentist.

-Catherine B.

Being a dental chicken, I am extremely picky about dentists. I had a crown come off and discovered that I had a failed root canal. No small mater. I needed a specialist to remove the entire root and tooth. SO frightened. I got the name of Dr. Elbaz, I read a review here and other places and decided to go. What a very smart decision. I knew removing the root would be difficult but I can say that I felt zero pain. And was never uncomfortable. I have never had such a painless procedure. The numbing only numbed that tooth and not my entire face. The procedure went flawlessly and the healing has been extremely easy. So happy I found him. Calm, kind, gentle, painless and an expert. Staff is wonderful, too. Never thought I’d be this happy having a dental procedure! So glad to have him, my next step will be an implant and that is his expertise as well. For the first time ever – I’m not afraid to have a dental procedure done because of having found Dr. Elbaz. I wish I could go to him as my general dentist, too!

-Janet K.

He has done oral surgery on me to save 3 teeth and did a bone graph. He is just amazing. I’ve been going to him now for about 15 years. He does only periodontics and implants. I had a problem one, time, he saw me on an emergency basis and even pulled a tooth for me. He has a great office staff.

-Renee L.

He is one of the best dentists I have ever been to. He is absolutely first grade periodontist. My wife also sees him. He is exceptionally skillful and has a wonderful bedside manner. His staff is always terrific and it is easy to get an appointment with him.

-Glenn H.

My wife went to Dr. Elbaz and loves him and his office. Her implant feels great, and she had no pain. Everything went very smoothly. Dr. Elbaz is a charming man and clearly knows what he’s doing. He is the dentist that other dentists go to for implants. The office was extremely helpful in all aspects, whether filing for insurance or scheduling the appointments. We would recommend him without hesitation.

-David G.